INSERT ART HERE: Degree Show (2018)

Untitled (Drawn)


“The reader should be carried forward, not merely or chiefly by the mechanical impulse of curiosity, or by a restless desire to arrive at the final solution; but by the pleasurable activity of mind excited by the attractions of the journey itself.”

- Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1772-1834) poet, critic & philosopher.

My work is a thoughtful pause.  Using the garden as studio and life as material, I collect and recycle moments and artefacts encountered through my experiences within the garden; making the decision to reject perfection, and instead explore the overlooked, unnoticed and undervalued.

I am inspired by the Japanese philosophy of Wabi-Sabi; the beauty of things imperfect, impermanent and incomplete.  I work in a playful and spontaneous manner, allowing my work to grow rhizomatically from moments of pensive fiddling, existing as evidence of the journey; assemblages in flux that await new fragments. 


©   Maria Pearson.