LN2Lockdown MA Research Journal


*Wash Your Hands * Wash Your Hands

*Stay Home * Stay Home * Stay Home

*Lockdown * Lockdown * Lockdown

*Social Distance * Social Distance


COVID19 [coronavirus]

university studies have become an online teaching environment... So far it sucks!

---------------------------------------------------- How to complete an MA Fine Art course online...

[watch this space...]

  • health and safely

  • work from home

  • learning online...

  • no studio, limited materials... this should be interesting!

  • social distancing! - I'm an introvert... This is my superpower!!!

  • "collaborating" to produce an exhibition for the end of course in summer...

  • Analogue to digital!

With all these changes, I have decided to attempt an online research journal. It will act as a space to collect, document and reflect on stuff.

I'm still working… so confused... completely out of any kind of comfort zone...

The final goal is a gallery exhibition but this is compromised while everyone is isolated at home.

Art is having it's moment...social media if full of people sharing art and collaborating on projects and sharing online tutorials in an attempt to help people feel less isolated...

This is precisely

"Why Art Matters"